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If the world thinks we're hideous, let's just be monsters for each other. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[01 May 2006|03:57pm]

Get your own spectral analysis from Area 23®

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[22 Mar 2006|04:16pm]
just giving a bit of a notice that i won't be on for a while. i'm tired of shiz and we're planning to move by may, so if you want any updates go to shei's journal, oshare_star.

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double-u tee eff - honesty? X _ x [21 Mar 2006|09:56pm]
[ mood | saddened ]

i'm a little upset. what? again?! yesh, again.
i guess i should be a good friend, supposed best friend *but not according to all the effing surveys*, and tell you i support you and your 'move' and your new life and adventure into finding 'love'. but i don't, won't, and most likely never will. you say you can't trust anyone. what the hell did i do but be honest with you and tell you how i felt and what was going on behind your back? when could you not trust me? i know you weren't talking about me specifically, but i am included in the term anyone.
i'm sorry about your 'curse'. the reason why everyone 'falls' for you is because you are fake. you are what they want you to be, not yourself. so no, they're not falling for you. i loved you, the real you. and only felt that way about you when you stopped pretending for two seconds. when you were real and vulnerable and being honest with yourself and me, that's when i began to love you. yes, i had a crush on you, but that means nothing.
and this move of your's. no, i don't believe it's going to happen. that might fuel you to go, and if it does, all the better. you've heard my arguments about you leaving for somewhere you've never really been, living with someone you've only known online and enrolling in a school FIVE years from now that you can't remember what the name is. that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard of. no, i don't think you should go, but i don't think you should stay in joplin. you should go somewhere that you're familiar with, that you know more than one person, that you have a job/house/chance to actually make it waiting. you haven't taken any trips there to sort out/plan a Damn Thing.
and this 'new life/new horizons/situations'... you're running away. you're still hung up on erica. you moving is solving nothing but making you actually alone. i think that's really what you want, to be really alone so you can feel like everything you've *gone through* is really as bad as you say it is. yeah, your dad's a dick and your mom's a bitch and your girlfriend left you for a penis. but you know what? you had food, a room, a computer in your room,and the ability to buy things you wanted while you grew up, and a car handed to you, and someone controling your life to find you an apartment and to help you out when you got started. you didn't have it good but you did not have it bad. i have gone through everything you have and more but somewhere along the line you get to lie, manipulate, and be sad and angsty and it's all ok. why? because you're jama. you've built your life on lies and masks and you're unfulfilled and unhappy. so you're moving away to do it all over again.
i should be a good friend, if you even consider me that anymore, and not say any of this but i'm on the verge of not being able to stand you and all the twisted stories and half-truths. you never told us that you didn't want to be with us. you asked if a relationship like that would work, go to the polamory community. ask questions, be informed. we wanted to include you so you could succeed and be happy but you won't have that. all you had to do, so we could stop hurting ourselves by hoping that one day you'd be ready, was to tell us that you did not want to be with us. i'm tired jama.

ex: you said you were leaving in june for FL. well now you say that you'll make us a pizza when we get there. we told you we'd be there the end of the summer. and now you're saying you're not leaving till the end of july. i understand that plans change - but do you even try to talk to us for us to know? no. you don't. we've tried. we're always online. but is it that you don't want to try? you want everything to come to you? i think so. that's why you're head over heels for a little girl at work that doesn't like you. you want her to come after you and while you wait you'll throw in some angst and pain.
you want your life to be easy but seem so painfull.
you're so damn goff that i'm crying blood, i swear.

i have to get to bed though. i have to prove to the owner that i can take charge and bust ass when needed so i can get a raise and become a manager. not that you've said a damn word about being happy or sad for me when i said that's what was going on. thanks.


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oh good fucking god what a day. [18 Mar 2006|07:32pm]
[ mood | blank ]

today started off pretty much as normal. me going to work and wanting to stay home with lovey. i was put in back drive for two hours and when erin got there she was ALL pissed off and threw a fit, that last till i left. so they had me take orders/make drinks. and then linda gets there and she wants me to run for front counter, says i'm good at that - i'm really not. ~__~ so she's running for drive-thru and i'm running for front counter and she asks me a question... one that i did NOT expect at all.
exactly one week ago i was accused of stealing $97 - i didn't. i should have been fired, and wasn't. i haven't heard another word about it. and now, today - she asks me if i want to be a manager O_______O?! Double-u Tee Eff. Seriously? xDDD she wants me to consider being a swing shift manager - meaning i would work anywhere from open to close. i told her i would think about it and i'm going to tell her that i won't want to until shei and i have our own car. swing shift managers don't have as much say but they're still way more in charge than i wanted to be.... but the money. OH GOOD GOD I'D BE ABLE TO TELL GERTRUDE WHAT TO DO~! ^w^ sorry - just realized...

anyhoo, i got off at one today and shei and i went to Dogstar Tattoo to see about her piercing and i was informed that i was getting my tattoo. i started to internally freakout.... especially when we got there and the disinfectant smell was everywhere and i could hear someone else getting a tattoo. X_____________X i hadn't shaved my legs and was freaking out externally about that. well we spoke to the guy at the counter - OMG HE WAS SO EFFING CUTE. if i was straight i would have wanted him but i wanted to hug him none the less. so effing adorable. he went to ask one of the piercers how many people were in front of us and she said 6, and she was adorable too, with her tons of tattoos on her arm, kitties and i saw an udder so i assume there was a cow. it was cutesy and covered her entire arm. none of the people that worked there looked like they belonged in a tattoo parlor.... not ones i've been to. none of them were huge and buff and old. they were young and goodlooking and i trusted them Right away. <3 i understand why shei said we would only go there. ^___^ so they told us that they could put us in line and they could get to us around 6 or 7pm - this was at 2.45pm so we told them we would wait and left to find her mom. we went into a bookstore and i was delightfully overwhelmed with old-book smell. <333333 it was great in there. we went by Native Threads and my mom would seriously want to live in there. it's everything she loves in one cutesy store. and the ceiling gets lower the farther back into the store you go and that creeped me out a bit but it was So cool. we then made our way up the street to the gas station for drinks and snackage.
i wanted shei to feel better, since that's one reason i wanted her to get the piercing ASAP, so we went to the mall. FUCKING A suncoast is closing >_________< so we looked through the discounted anime and i got Panda!Go Panda! the same guy that created Totoro and Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service, etc. I LOVE HIM and the panda looks like a panda-tized Totoro *LOVE* we haven't watched it yet but i'm so effing excited.
so after that we wandered to walden books and we sat down in the gay/lesbian section and made fun and read and stuff. i found gay hikus that were so effing great. i wish i could have bought the book but $13 was WAY too much. we were disgusted by the pictures in the lesbian secks books. they were so gross - the people in them. everything we saw was normal procedures. ~____~ lame. *shrugs*

after leaving the mall we made a stop at EB Games to pick up a little something for shei. we finally got her her past-due birthday gifty.... she's now playing it. <3 finally got her her very own DS with two games and a starter kit. ^_____^
since she passed on renewing her RO accounts i've felt like she's been so bored with only me to play with. well now she has a puppy and some tomagatchis to play with ^____^
then we swung by tacho bell and got dinner.
now we're home and i have to work in the morning. then i get a day off. YEY~!
but yesh, that is all for today. *nod*

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oh noes - an update x_X [17 Mar 2006|07:14pm]
[ mood | oh yes, i am jubilant. ]

i was going to have a big update since i haven't in a few days but i'm not really feeling like it anymore. jama ranted about the government and i was going to say something about fixing our internal problems before trying to fix everyone else's but my thunder has been stolen and i don't feel like it anymore. maybe some other day.
work has felt non-stop. tomorrow will finish out my first 40-hr week with another to follow. i cannot wait for that check. janie was sent home today because she couldn't come in yesterday - her daughter was in the hospital - so i only got to talk to her via yelling across the parking lot and she was crying and told me to call her. so i will. i told linda why she wasn't there when she asked and she got all pissed that they made her leave - we were busy and we're short people anyway ~__~ i don't know why the fuck they have me working tomorrow and sunday - they have plenty of kids to work. it's crowded after 4pm/ on the weekends. *le sigh* i've been in back drive the past few days and it's been kinda nice. they still have me take most of the orders - which isn't fair but they say i'm the best they have - but being stressed and rushed is just annoying. but it's my job and it's not that bad. i whine, that's all. i don't know if i even mentioned that vivian quit. i think it was overshadowed by someone stealing $100 out of my drawer, which i haven't heard anything about. linda counted my drawer before i left and it was fine, again. so yey.

shei's been working so hard to get things done with her store. i'm so damn proud of her and everything she's doing. when i get home she and i watch court tv, girlfriends, and my wife and kids and other such shows. we've been working together on my story for our manga while she makes jewelery. that reminds me - she made me a bracelet~! ^O^ it has purple, pink and purple/yellow beads on it. i love it so much. her mom has been wearing some stuff she's made -promoting it. ^-^ the stuff that other people have been selling on lj and ebay - seriously, shei's is better. i know i'm biased but most of this crap i wouldn't have worn when i was little. ~___~ and all the lego jewelery? /pif mainly i'm proud of her for working so hard and pushing herself and making such pretty stuff. i really do love what she makes. if i could i would buy it off of her but that kinda defeats the purpose, huh? and it pisses me off that a certain person wanted a print of shei's from DA - and then never paid her for it. she can't tell me she doesn't have the money and it's been quite a while that it's been sitting here without a response to questions of where the payment for it is. it's just rude. i've been meaning to bitch about that.

i've been noticing the little meaningless moments that i have with customers lately - it's usually just a small hello and chit-chatty b.s. but sometimes it feels good. i heard a little boy tell his mom i was cute and he kept smiling at me. and there was a little girl with glasses and i wiggled my nose trying to get mine back up on my nose and she giggled. and there's a guy that comes through every morning and he so has a crush on me. and the creepy-ass regular with the dachsund, i talk to him more - he's nice, but Very fuxxing creepy. and the guy that told me on my first day that everything would be ok, that it would be easier once i got to know people... i thanked him the other day. he's really cute and works at the bank across the street and comes in everyday and winks at me. he looked really sad and i wanted to make him feel better so i thanked him for talking to me and trying to make me feel welcome on my first day. oh and the old man that calls me girly. he reminds me of kenny hardcore but i can't hate him. he wears a lot of pink shirts ^_^

anyhoo, on to my exciting news that isn't mine. shei's getting her lip pierced tomorrow after i get off work. ^O^ i'm so damn excited. i cannot wait. i'm hoping this will help her feel better. *~Excitement~* we're going to get my tattoo after we get the car. i wish we could do stuff like this all the time, but i know that's a rediculous idea - getting piercings and tattoos all the time

i need to call school and see if my transcripts are done yet... i keep forgetting. i'm always so excited to be home. OH today we listened to a cd that we're going to send to jama with her bday and xmas presents. again, sorry they haven't been sent yet. anyhoo, there's no way that jama won't like them x3

and i guess that's it. i have to piddle and i know you wanted to know ^_______________^'

T3h ENd

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[13 Mar 2006|06:19pm]
lookie hereCollapse )

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[13 Mar 2006|06:15pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Image hosting by Photobucket

mmmm... chicken.

Image hosting by Photobucket

and... slipper love <3

Image hosting by Photobucket

the ones on the left are mine, oh hells yeah - argyle - and the ones on the right are shei's <3

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Concerning Jama: [11 Mar 2006|09:52pm]
Okies. i don't know exactly what happened or your state of mind or anything but:
What the holy fuxx were you thinking? i know you hate her for what she did to you and yes it was fucking cunty thing to do after three years together but WTFWEREYOUTHINKING? you don't do that to someone. Ex: if steven were to go up to shei and say something to the effect of what you told noah, i would do exactly as erica did. i would go to her house and threaten to kick her ass. i understand why erica came to your house.
as far as you've told me you two have left each other pretty much alone. why couldn't you leave it that way? why start some feud? you don't need that. did you want to create more drama? you know eddie's going to hear about it and why put him through all that bitching. you know she won't let this go anytime soon. did you do it feeling that you wouldn't have to deal with the effects long cause you're moving? i just don't understand. would you want someone to do that to you?
and if she dumps him, good for him. it's not like he wasn't involved in their relationship. he didn't feel too bad about her breaking up with him - he kinda caused it, yo. why try to 'help' him by warning him.
*sigh* i just don't understand. u___u

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[09 Mar 2006|03:33pm]
[ mood | kinda hurty ]

we got our cookies today ^o^ $40 worth of girlscout cookies for free. Oh Hells Yeah. i luff boomie.i'm going to write her a thank you email/letter. probably both. <3
gwen was fired from work yesterday. apparently she gave free food to someone and gisela saw her. it sucks that gisela was also her favorite manager. so that leaves... janie that i am friends with and she's having surgury next week while i'm fulltime.
work = stupid but that's ok as long as they keep paying me. i turned in the form for the Mc.Benefits today and the owner was like "You know these are expensive - are you sure you can handle paying for them? *insert looking down on me here*" wtf? it's around $30/check - i Think that working fulltime can cover that. but whatever. she can look down her nose at me all she wants. i want a car - a place to live with shei - and dental benefits and i'll be all good, yo.
i've been thinking about sending jama one or two of those pictures that i took before i left of us at her apt. i have disk with them on it so it's not like i'd be losing them or anything >__>;
oh, it was funny today - janie was trying to get my attention and i was taking a customer's money and she was yelling at me over the headset and she was like "hey... Hey... HEY... WHITE GIRL ANSWER ME~! >__<;" and i laughed and laughed at her. xD i'm not sure why it was so damn funny. she was trying to tell me that the new girl kimberly was in the break room with gerty and the owner and that she was probably being fired like everyone else that ends up in that situation... but when i went in there to get my bag and leave they were all being buddy-buddy. kimberly's not the brightest crayon ~__~ i don't know why that's relevant but i feel like it should be stated.

Shei's so cute when she sleeps *dies* <3333 <-post mortem luffies ^_________________^ but yes, i have email i should be replying to and i wants to cuddle before she gets up. *squee* heh, haven't done that in awhile xD

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[08 Mar 2006|11:41pm]
i went back to work today - got the hiccups for the better part of 30 min. no one would help me take orders ~bitches.
we officially have half the down payment and now that i'm scheduled full time, we'll own the car fully by the end of spring. ^o^ my checks are going to be nearing $400/biweekly excepting this next one with will hopefully be over $200. i'm going to be doing my physical therapy to help with my back. i wish mom would send me more pills but she changes the subject every time i bring it up. i'll survive though. and if it gets to be too much - that extra 4 or 5 hours - i'll ask them to bring it back down a notch. but i think i'll be ok. i'm probably just over-worrying again. i need to be getting to bed. i have to be back up in five hours.
we watched the amazing race tonite - two episodes worth. i Love the hippies. xD they are awesome. and i liked the sisters but they were eliminated tonite T_T the gay guys were on the first episode. i don't like the frat boys - all they want is some ass. ~__~ the older couple is cute.
i've started a correspondence with a girl on DA - hira - she seems nice. ^^ we've emailed each other a few times. she lives in raleigh i think.
shei and i were talking about what our living arrangments might be when we move out, most likely this summer or fall, and i think we may be leaning toward a trailer. they're cheaper for the amount of space and we're wanting a roomate, i think.
but yea, time for bed.


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[04 Mar 2006|05:54pm]
Yey~! today is lovey's 19th birthday~!
we're waiting for marisa to get here - she's spending the nite tonite ^__^
i guess that's all i can update about.

yey 4 paint!!!11!!11!!!8
Image hosting by Photobucket

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myqueerspace [03 Mar 2006|03:01pm]
OMGz i just joined MyQueerSpace xD

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Romantic Karate [03 Mar 2006|12:39pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

shei's playing parappa 2 <3
her birthday's tomorrow. i'm going to try my best to make it awesome. or at least Not suck. i need to work on her present. i wish i had some monies for us to go out to eat or something though. we need to buy more beverage... that's about all we can afford. we have like $1.75 i wish we had enough for cigarettes too. poo.
i'm hungry... i'll go see if there's anything that we can eat for foods.
good gawd i love my wife.

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[03 Mar 2006|03:40am]
i'm still up. we were drinking again a while ago. i was writing in my tangible journal and rereading it. i wish i wrote in it as much as i do here. i tried to look for entries from way back when i first got my kuroku account but... it didn't go back that far. i guess they're lost forever.
i just felt like updating again.
i love my lovey.


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epiphany [15 Feb 2006|05:56pm]
i've just realized today that high school would have been So much better if i had known what being high felt like and was high everyday after school.

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[13 Feb 2006|09:08pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

so being stoned is... yeah.
i called mom and she's jealous and a bit peeved at me for calling.
i can't really think all that clearly right now... uh gawd it's all so wavy.
ok. leaving. want food.


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[07 Feb 2006|11:32pm]
[ mood | drugged ]

not asleep yet again. i go in at 6am to 2pm tomorrow. they want me to come in thursday too, which today and thursday were my only days off and i worked today so... i don't think i want to have overtime though. they didn't even tell me how many hours they wanted me to work ~__~ but no, the owner and the managers are fucking themselves over by firing and suspended everyone and i won't be worked to death because of it. i already do 2 to 3 people's jobs as is. no more *shakey fist o' angst*
i want a new layout... /random
i talked to mom, she's gonna send more pills. she didn't even send all that she was 'sposed to. my uncle gave her two entire bottles. and they work nicely. half of one if i'm in pain. one to two if i wanna be a bit out of it. janie's also suposed to bring shei and i some stuff on thursday. we're going to swing by work to pick it up. i'm hoping they told her to come in tomorrow so maybe she'll bring it then.
oh, my brother's in jail now. non-payment of child support. friday he goes before the judge, again, to see if he'll serve 90 days or if he gets off with a slap on the wrist Again. i think he'll be gone awhile. and that's fine. maybe he'll get his shit together after that. i doubt it though. i'm so proud of mom, she's pretty much not worried at all. finally realized he's 23 and needs to stop counting on everyone else.
but yeah. gotta potty, then imma watch shei play FFX-2. ^-^


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[06 Feb 2006|11:08pm]
[ mood | ...feelin' Really good.... ]

i worked my last nine hour shift for this week... but got called in for a five hour shift tomorrow morning at 6 to 11. after that shei and i are going to walmart to get stuff. i'm not exactly sure what. my check today was a nice $300. oh yeahs. and my next one should be better. they've fired and suspended too many people and now we're more short-handed than ever.
today at work was fun. i drank two cups of coffee in the first hour i was there so i was Way too hyped up when janie got there. today we had a talk about drugs and such and i guess it's official - she's my dealer. xD she gave me her phone number and i called her tonite and she's going to try to bring me some weed tomorrow at work. shei's mom and i took her to cash her check and dropped her off at her kid's school since she missed the bus. i wish shei could meet her.
oh and somehow she didn't know that shei was black and she asked where her mom was in the resturant and i said right in front of you *her mom was the only one in there at the time* and she said where and i said right there and i pointed and she looks at me shocked and says "shei's black~?" i laughed and said yes. it was funny.
keyona turned in her uniform and picked up her last check today. she got her hair streaked with red like shei used to have and it looks really nice. she told gwendolyn to watch out for me, that i'm "her girl" ^___^ i miss her.
janie was making fun of vivian when she came in and was saying she looked like a thug. XD today just felt so tight. like we were all so close. it's only cause everyone i was working with talks to me now that they know i smoke. gwen even sounded excited to see me. and i like it when she's presenting. she and i tag-team the orders and drinks and i run and she gets the food out of the window. and i like working with janie and presenting cause she stays out of my way. today janie asked if she could work with only me in drive-thru. i felt happy.
shei today said something that's very true. drugs bring people together. :3
i got mom's letter today. my birth certificate, my last W2, a pair of glasses i thought shei would be cute in and some pain pills. shei and i both took two and we're feeling them. mom only sent 14 so now we're down to ten and i'll most likely need them by the weekend from working so much.
and shei said in her journal today that she doesn't really think anyone will show and maybe we'll just go to dinner. so i guess we'll go to dinner, come home, get stoned and drunk. and that sounds fine to me. we didn't really need to do anything huge i just wanted her to do something she really wanted to do. so we'll save for a present instead of the hotel? i don't know if she's completely made up her mind. and i want to get her a cookie-cake since she's never had one.
and shei said something about a magical something that would keep jama there until we could visit and now that i've offered to pay jama's all willing to come whenever. and really i could pay for her to get here anytime, i'll just need to talk to shei about the when and what the parents would say and such.
i like pain pills. they're arthritis meds from my uncle that he gives to mom...
ok. loosing focus and i have to get up in 5 hours and i'm not really sleepy so... off to watch more motown legends with the family. ^_________________^

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[04 Feb 2006|07:54pm]
OH EM EF GEE my wife pwns all else. i came home yesterday and DAMN. X___x she put pictures on her journal but... they don't show the skirt or the boots. ohmahgahwd. in a little while imma edit this post with the thingy that q_harquichi did for me. ^__^


Interview time!!!
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature.
3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

My questions and answers:
1. If you had to give up your most precious thing to save your beloved one, what is it?
My eyesight and/or my hands. i wouldn't be able to write or read...

2. Five things that you like from yourself?
I like my eyes, my sense of humor, my fingers after i paint the nails, my calves *odd i know*, and ... i like my hair most of the time even though i bitch about it.

3. Assume that reincarnation exists, what d'you think you are in your next life?
a cat.

4. Three things you will do if you're to die tomowrrow?
tell people what i Really think of them and hold nothing back, read at the least the summary of all the greatest works that i haven't read yet, spend ever other second with my wife and make sure she knows how much i love her.

5. What book inspires you the most?
gahd, that's a hard one. ever book i've ever read has changed the way i think in one way or another. but lately i've been thinking about "Life of a Wallflower" the most. i want to reread it.

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4 year anniversary for my cartiledge piercing. [02 Feb 2006|06:05pm]
[ mood | i am mc.awesome. T__T ]

so today has been more interesting than most.
i'll start off with my wonderful idea: Today in drive thru i was taking orders and shit and usually one out of every three people screams at the speaker. dude, seriously, i can hear the kids in your back seat whispering about how they hate you. i can hear you when you bitch about me after you order. i can hear you, ok? so today, after too many people had ignored my questions, fucked up their own orders, screamed in my ear, and blasted me with their shitty cars, sound systems and screaming children, i looked at vivian and said: people don't need to come near a drive through unless they've taken a drive thru etiquete course. and she laughed. but it's really not a bad idea. there would be seminars and hands on activities and demonstrations...
one. don't yell. if we can't hear you then we'll ask you to speak up. even then, do not act like we're a football field away. if i ask you to speak up then it's your fault for mumbling or being in the passenger seat.
two. do not get pissed off at me because You came to the wrong drive thru and i can't shit out some chilli and a baked potato. BE POLITE TO ME. you don't know me and you're letting me in charge of what you consume. dumbass.
three. Don't make your child order their own food. and don't let them. it takes too long and i don't know what the fuck they're saying.
four.when i'm speaking to you, do not drive away. this only pisses me off and i have to guess at what i was going to get you. if you do this, the chances of your order being wrong go up 23947293742937287% and no, we don't do this just to ruin your day or piss you off.
five. if your order is wrong, tell me. do not scream it at me in unintelligable rant. i do not speak unintelligable rant. nor do i speak spanish but that is something else entirely. (ex: a woman comes thru and yells at me: I WANT ONE DIET COKE AND ONE COKE.
me: what size would you like those?
her: WHAT?!?!?!!! *as if i'd just told her that i shit on her pretty little dog.
me:what size would you like your drinks?
her: *heaves a sigh* NEVER MIND. I'LL GET ONE BIGGIE KIDS MEAL, *they are called Mighty Kids Meals, please call things what they are called, not your own pet name for them or i can't give you what you want. i get confused.* AND THE DRINK WILL BE A DIET COKE. GIVE ME ONE FIVE PIECE NUGGET ON THE DOLLAR MENU AND
me: ma'am, we don't have five nuggets on the dollar menu. would you like a four-piece for $1.43?
her: *insert bitching and an oder for a mc.flurry*
me: *asks a question about her mc.flurry*
and she drives away. so i guessed about her order and stored it so she could pay for it. she pays. she drives up to the second window to get her food. we have to have her park so we can bring her mc.flurry out because it's not made yet. she bitches about having another drink. no.... no, you only payed for one, but it'll be $1.07 for another one if you'd like. she pulls forward and tells us to hurry that it better not take all day to make one mc.flurry. when the manager takes it to her about .07 seconds later, she starts screaming at them about another drink. she wants her other drink. *stabs at reciept* she payed for two! TWO! give her her other drink. *the reciept says one drink* 2 other managers go out and tell her the same thing. $1.07 for another drink, you only payed for ONE. *stabs at reciept* TWO~! SHE PAYED FOR TWO~!!! elba finally gives up and comes inside to leave her out there. the woman slams her car door open and stomps after elba and i really thought she was going to kick some ass. she starts making a scene about 16 oz. of shitty diet coke so we finally just give it to her so she'll shut up. all the managers and one of my co-workers, mirna, start bitching about her and what the hell she was talking about and finally i tell them the story of the woman and how she wanted two at first and then told me only one with the meal. they all nod and go their way.)
six. keep your emotions inside. don't piss yourself with happiness or sadness about the availability of certain items.
seven. don't be a dumbfuck and keep coming through for water just so you can yell: CHELSEA~! WE'RE BACK~!!!! like an idiot. you aren't funny.
eight. don't hit on me.
nine. do not use the drive thru as a show-off point for your stupid-ass system. i don't care to hear it.
ten. when i say first window, that's the window i want you to go to. don't fly by it, don't sit there for .2 seconds and then keep going because i'm taking someone else's order, don't stop 3 feet in front of it and expect me to wait for you to count pennies, and do NOT pull up 5 feet away and think i'm going to happily heave my ass out of the window to accept your warm nickles.
eleven. we're trying to be efficient. so don't give me a hundred dollar fucking bill for an order that's $1.86 i'm not your bank, go somewhere else if you want to break a large bill.

further more: cheese costs you $.39, lettuce is $.43, etc. yes, i will charge you for it even if you say 'only'. it's still going to be added and although I could care less, i get in trouble if i don't push that fucking button. and beware, they're going to start charging you for the sauce you want. more than two and it's $.15/sauce.

gahd, there's so much more. so many stories....

anyway... the other story of today.
i had decided early on in my shift that i was going to be completely prepared when the lunch rush arrived. so i super stocked. i had 15-20 large sweet teas made, 4 medium sweet teas, 6 waters, 8 medium cups of ice, and stacks of cups and lids at the ready. i had a full dispenser of tea at all time and a full bin of ice. i also made sure there were napkins and straws for those presenting. i was ready and my area was clean. i was proud for being so mc.awesome on a shitty day. *our carbinator broke Again but was fixed before lunch.* well about 45 minutes into the non-stop rush of taking orders and making drinks, i realized that all of life is like a Final Fantasy battle. each order was an attack from the enemy, each drink made was an attack on them. each time i replenished my supply of tea or cups or ice or whatever, i was healing. my super-stocking had been my buffing and readying before the battle. when someone knocked over a drink or there was a big 6-drink order, it was a boss-fight. and i applied this to everything. that each step of life is like you're leveling. and then it corresponded to RO and how shei works and works to level to be better and get to a better job. i was like whoa. i am so teh awesome for realizing all this. and it kept going. and i decided that i could stay sane by thinking about things that way. i wouldn't freak out if i just told myself that i was just leveling. that one day i would be the most kick-ass *insert job-class here* i felt so cool. i was all excited to come home and tell lovey and she laughed at me and told me i was playing too much FFX. true, i've been playing during all my free time but that's not too much ><; it's the most i've ever really been interested in playing so much and could. my dad burned my FF7. literally burned it with the trash. he said it was "of the devil" *looks at jama* and my PS and FF8 were stolen before i could beat the game. i've only ever beaten one game...super mario bros on NES.
*le sigh*
but yes... i think that is all for now. tomorrow may bring tiddings of 800mg pills from janie so w00t. then two days off and wonky hours all next week. and *GASP* i've been scheduled for four days. *faints*

"Butterflies from Hell. DEMONS and devils..." xD oh jama...how i miss joo.

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